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Operations Analyst

Workplace: Wrocław

Region: dolnośląskie

The Operations Analyst works as a member of the Operations team within Epiq's Electronic Discovery division in London. The Operations Analyst is to provide technical support for the full lifecycle of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) including ingestion of data, quality control, and document production and document review projects. The position will require attention to detail, multi-tasking, analytical skills, as well as someone who works well in a team.  The candidate must be able to work under the pressure of strict deadlines on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.  

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Utilise proprietary software applications, third party eDiscovery applications, electronic discovery and data recovery processes.
  • Load, Process and Search client data in many different file formats.
  • Conducting relevant searches of electronic data using proprietary tools.
  • Work closely with team members to troubleshoot data issues (prior to escalation to operations senior management and/or IT/Development), research software and/or techniques to solve problems, and carry out complex data analysis tasks.
  • Providing end user and technical documentation and training for applications supported.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other company departments.
  • Generate reports from various database platforms for senior management.
  • Generating written status reports to clients, managers and project managers.


  • Solid understanding of all MS Office applications, basic UNIX, Windows, hardware, networking, and delimited files is required.
  • Experienced with database applications.
  • Knowledge of litigation support software is desirable
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment, follow detailed instructions and meet established deadlines.
  • A self-starter with ability to visualize data and software behavior and coordinate the two.
  • Bachelor degree in computer/technical or legal field or equivalent combination of education and/or experience required


  • Integrity - Behaves in an honest, fair and ethical manner; shows consistency in words and actions; does what she/he commits to doing; respects the confidentiality of information or concerns shared by others; is honest and forthright with people; carries his/her fair share of the workload; takes responsibility for own mistakes.
  • Client FocusTakes action with the clients, both internal and external and sees their needs as a primary focus; builds a sustaining collaborative and productive relationship with clients; seeks to understand client situations, issues, expectations, etc.; takes appropriate action to meet client needs and address concerns; implements or utilizes methods to monitor and evaluate client feedback.
  • Results Driven - Sets stretch goals for personal and team accomplishment and works tenaciously to achieve those goals; acts with a sense of urgency; takes the initiative on actions; identifies what needs to be done and takes action before being asked; does more than what is normally required in a situation; establishes metrics to monitor progress and measure success; maintains focus by avoiding or overcoming roadblocks.
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation - Proposes innovative business opportunities/ideas to customers and business partners; encourages and supports entrepreneurial behavior in others; demonstrates willingness to take calculated risks to achieve business goals.
  • Decisiveness - The ability to make well informed, effective, and timely decisions even when data is limited or solutions produce unpleasant consequences; perceives the impact and implications of decisions; ability to make tough decisions.

The controller of your data is Epiq Global with its registered office in UK; 11 Old Jewry, London, UK EC2R 8DU. You may contact us via e-mail address: jdlugosz@epiqglobal.co.uk or by writing to Epiq Global in UK: 11 Old Jewry, London, UK EC2R 8DU.
Your personal data will be processed in order to recruitment. Epiq Global has also appointed a data protection officer who you may contact via e-mail address: Jurgen Donaldson: JDonaldson@epiqglobal.co.uk  regarding every matter concerning personal data processing. More about data protection You will find here: https://www.epiqglobal.com/en-us/about/data-security

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