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Cloud Support Technical Lead F/M

Wrocław, dolnośląskie, Polska
119 dni temu

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OVH has currently its branches in 19 countries in the world. Leading Cloud provider in Europe and third in the world with >300 000 dedicated servers, over 18 million installed Web applications located all over its 27 data centers in Europe, Asia and North America. The global fiber-optic network of total capacity more than 13 Tbps made it possible for OVH to become a major player in 'Digital as a Service' market.

The success of OVH is associated with its unique business model, based on innovation and full control over the services - from manufacturing the services, supporting it to maintain the entire technical infrastructure. OVH hires currently over 2200 employees worldwide. Branch in Wrocław is an R&D center for network services, Public cloud services based on OpenStack and Ceph technologies, developping of email services including Hosted Exchange solution.

Our motto is: Innovation is freedom” and we live by it. We create an interesting and challenging environment for skilled and motivated people. As a IT Support Specialist you will join an experienced team of 1st Line Support, your key responsibility will be providing support for our clients from different countries. We will introduce you to all technical queries related to our services.

Cloud Support Technical Lead F/M

Miejsce pracy: Wrocław

Within the customer teams in the Cloud support environment, your role as Technical Lead is to help develop the technical and business skills of IT Support Technicians.

Working closely with the team leader, you ensure that IT Support Technicians in your product environment develop their skills and expertise.

Your role:

  • Ensure IT Support Technicians in the relevant team/environment develop their skills
  • Support IT Technicians to enable them to reach pre-production targets
  • Closely evaluate technical solutions provided (analyze the state of play and implement corrective measures)
  • Conduct a technical fact-based survey of strengths and areas for improvement for IT Support Technicians in the relevant scope
  • Performing quality checks on calls and tickets
  • Design and conduct use cases and workshops, including operational technical workshops, based on identified needs
  • Ensure and provide continuous training for IT Support Technicians in the relevant environment
  • Identify continuous training needs of technical support advisors and refer them to managers and the training center
  • Coordinate and synchronize with the training center so that product, technical and other developments are well known and understood by Customer Advisors
  • Participate in designing training modules for specific topics as well as continuous development
  • Participate in training modules from the training center (new products, features etc.)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of training courses (identify gaps in initial training, changes in segments, etc.)
  • Propose and carry out individual and group action plans (e.g. workshops, briefing notes) that contribute to the skills development of Customer Advisors
  • Find innovative ways to develop the skills of Customer Advisors

  • Encourage and motivate a tech culture in the relevant team/environment
  • Sustain and update the knowledge base in the relevant area using a suitable tool
  • Develop technical communications in collaboration with managers and other Tech Leads
  • Monitor technology
  • transmit and convey the required information to Customer Advisors
  • Facilitate call handling or handle complex technical situations
  • Continue to take calls in order to maintain technical expertise during periods of high call volumes
  • support the Customer Advisors when managing difficult calls
  • Take charge of tickets requiring special technical expertise and deal with them until they are resolved
  • Interact with end customers on technical issues when Customer Advisors have difficulties

Your skills:

  • Good command of products within relevant product environment (Cloud: dedicated servers, VPS, public cloud...) along with related technical fields
  • Very good knowledge of customer relations, jobs and technical constraints
  • Very good Polish and English knowledge
  • Ability to organize oneself and prioritize tasks
  • Sense of customer service
  • Attentive and able to train people
  • Dynamic and enthusiastic
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Reactive
  • Ability to adapt to a demanding workplace and instill positive energy in teams

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